Christian Van Os Keuls is a director, designer, and producer focused on building strong brand identities and strategic content. 

Armed with an intuitive understanding of aesthetics, and informed by thorough research, he creates powerful solutions for brands that are both beautiful and durable. From establishing a brand voice, to developing assets ready to be implemented, to problem-solving in the moment while on set; he seeks to approach each project from a holistic, foundational perspective. Partnering with Christian means your brand is his brand — knowing that sometimes all it takes is a helping hand to bring a seedling of an idea to full fruition.

When he’s not working on creative projects, you can find him in the front row at your local music venue, trail-running the alpine peaks of the Rocky Mountains, or camping on the desert floor of the American West.

Christian is currently open for engaging freelance projects.
Please send inquiries and conversation to

Roles have included:

Brand Design Lead at Contentful | Berlin, Germany  
Art Director at Coyote | Denver, Colorado, USA
Art Director at Village | Denver, Colorado, USA
Art Director at Vladimir Jones | Denver, Colorado, USA
Designer at Ellen Bruss Design | Denver, Colorado, USA
Designer at Frontier Airlines | Denver, Colorado, USA
Jr. Art Director at Motive | Denver, Colorado, USA
Creative Intern at Monigle | Denver, Colorado, USA
English Teacher at NES Language School | Chiang Mai, Thailand
Production Artist at CustomInk | Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
Designer at JMU Office of Technology & Design | Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA

“Christian has a special ability to transform words and ideas into a full-scope brand identity. We initially hired him to rebrand Coyote, but that relationship quickly evolved as we realized the depth and breadth of Christian's talent. His aesthetic eye, combined with a bent towards storytelling, allows him to take any concept - yours or his - and bring it to life in a way that elevates your brand and your product. If you're ready to separate your business from the pack, Christian is the creative eye you need.”

— Connor Koch, Brand Director at Coyote

“Christian truly brought my brand to life! As a small business owner, it was important for the brand to represent my services. He was able to take my vision and turn it into everything (and more) that I was looking for. I could completely trust him to elevate and articulate my thoughts into ideas. I receive so many compliments on my branding, many thanks to Christian for his dedication to design!“

— Kaylee Gatzlaff, Owner at Pekora

“I cannot recommend Christian enough. Christian is extremely creative, talented, well thought out, articulate and organized. He has added so much to the culture of Frontier in addition to being a wonderful team mate! He is definitely going to be missed around the office! There are good things on the horizon for Christian and the future company(ies) that snag him are lucky!”

— Stacey Van Cleve, Social Media Manager at Frontier Airlines

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